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Update on remote access: COVID-19 pandemic

The NRC Library purchases a wide range of journal and database subscriptions on behalf of NRC staff. Our licensing agreements incorporate access controls that restrict access to recognized network addresses, meaning that NRC employees can usually only access NRC licensed publications when connecting via Virtual Private Network (VPN) through the NRC network.

With the sudden changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, some scientific publishers are putting new measures in place to provide additional options for accessing publications without a network/VPN connection. Approaches vary depending on the publisher. The following options are available to NRC employees and authorized users. The NRC Library team will continue to update this list as other options for NRC subscriptions become available.

Please note that access to this published content is restricted to NRC employees and authorized users, in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions of our publishing agreements.

If you are an NRC employee who needs a copy of a publication but cannot connect to the NRC network or use any of the alternate methods listed above, please contact the NRC Library who will provide you with the material you need.

How does remote access work?

NRC employees working from home or travelling must use the NRC Virtual Private Network client software (VPN Client) to access the restricted resources licensed by the National Science Library. You must have a valid NRC username and password to use the VPN client software.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables NRC employees and authorized users to join the NRC network from off-site and access electronic resources as if they were onsite. The VPN client software must be installed on the user's computer. To start a session, simply connect to VPN client.

Please note that the VPN client software is automatically installed on NRC Green laptops and can be installed, upon request, on NRC Black computers. For assistance using the VPN, contact the NRC Client Service Centre.

Why can't I access a licensed resource?

If you cannot access a licensed resource, the National Science Library may not have a license for it or there may be a problem with the resource itself. Contact the NRC Library for assistance.

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